Praetorian Palace


The History of the Palace 

Documented since April 1293, the Palazzo podesteriale has been remodelled several times over the centuries. Transformed into a prison at the end of the 19th century, after it had assumed the name of Pretorio in the mid 18th century, it owes its current appearance to the restoration project that architect Ezio Cerpi drew up in January 1926.

The interior houses an oil on canvas depicting "Alessando de'Medici attempting to kidnap a nun" painted by Figline painter Egisto Sarri between 1885 and 1895, while at the entrance is the bell, detached from the palace tower, which was cast in 1384 by the Commune of Florence for the castle of Susinana in the upper Senio valley and assigned to the Commune of Figline in June 1387 by the Florentine Signoria.

In the chapel dedicated to the fallen of the Great War, a glazed terracotta altarpiece from 1515-1520 attributed to Benedetto Buglioni has been housed since 1931.
After its reopening in February 2003, following restoration work, it became the seat of the pre-unification municipal archive with documents from 1365 to 1865 and other archival fonds ranging from 1364 to 1985.

In 2011, a palio painted by Lorenzo Bonechi, an esteemed painter from Figlino who died in 1994, was placed at the entrance of the palace.